Fees and Insurance

Rates and Insurance

Initial assessment                 1-3 Hours                      $225

Individual Session                45 Minutes                    $145

Individual Session                30 Minutes                    $110

Individual Session                1 Hour                           $218

Couples                                  1 Hour                           $218

Family                                     1 Hour                           $218

Court                                       1 Hour                           $225

WEB Therapy                      30 Minutes                     $50

Our Fees: are set upon a system called RBRVS or the Resource Based Relative Value Scale. This is a commonly accepted national standard method of setting fees; it uses information based on work value, practice expense, liability values, and geographical indices to place a relative value unit on which to price our work.

Payment: We accept cash, checks or credit cards.  In extenuating circumstances, We  are  willing to work with you on a reasonable payment plan.

Insurance: Remember that you are ultimately responsible for your bill. If you have private insurance, as a courtesy we will bill your carrier for services.  We will need a copy – front and back – of your insurance card to provide proof of insurance, to bill for you.

We are able to Accept:

Choice- Tri West

Tri Care


Premera Blue Cross/Blue Shield